Tailored IT service management solutions for your unique business needs

We are a team of experienced IT service management experts who specialise in designing and configuring platforms across a range of market sectors, including Corporate, Manufacturing, Government, NHS, Higher Education and Charities.

We understand that your business processes are unique and critical to your success, so we focus on aligning your service management technology to your specific requirements.

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Revolutionizing Tech Understanding

Clear & accessible digital process maps for seamless integration

Our team provides clear explanations of how out-of-the-box technology works through prebuilt digital process maps. We ensure that you understand in detail how the technology will be aligned to your processes by sharing online digitalised process maps during any technology engagement.

At the end of the project, we provide you with copies of the process maps and configuration build, so you have a solid baseline for making any changes to the system in future and driving continual service improvement initiatives.

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Efficiently Configuring Technology

Our 8 step project approach for successful service management platform implementation

We place great emphasis on helping you to have process clarity, as well as configuring technology to meet your requirements. We work through a phased 8 step project approach for a service management platform implementation to ensure that your technology is configured efficiently and effectively:

  • Customer requirements discovery and implementation scoping
  • System configuration design
  • System configuration build
  • Training
  • UAT
  • Go Live
  • Hypercare
  • Post project review

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Tailored System Configuration

Your business, your way – collaborate, outsource or self-configure with our flexible approach

We understand that every business is different, which is why we offer flexible approaches to system configuration. You can outsource the system build 100% to us, or you can configure the system yourself with our guidance and advice.

Alternatively, we can work as a collaborative partnership, whereby we both work on parts of the system configuration. Whatever approach we take, we ensure that you have a high level of involvement in the system configuration through skills transfer and interactive 1-2-1 sessions.

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Benefits of working with CTMS

The impact of partnering with CTMS for IT service management

  • Experienced IT service management experts specialising in designing and configuring platforms across a range of market sectors
  • Focus on aligning service management technology to specific business requirements to ensure success
  • Provide clear explanations of out-of-the-box technology through prebuilt digital process maps
  • Share online digitalised process maps during any technology engagement to ensure a detailed understanding of the alignment process
  • Provide copies of process maps and configuration build at the end of the project for future changes and service improvement initiatives
  • Emphasis on process clarity and configuration to meet specific requirements
  • Work through a phased 8-step project approach for efficient and effective configuration
  • Offer flexible approaches to system configuration, including complete outsourcing or collaborative partnership
  • Ensure high level of involvement in system configuration through skills transfer and interactive 1-2-1 sessions

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