The Power of Successful IT Asset Management

Successful IT Asset Management significantly benefits IT cost savings, optimised asset utilisation, improved security, and increased end-user productivity. However, implementing a successful ITAM strategy can be daunting for several reasons.

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The challenges to implementing a successful ITAM strategy


Many assets and types must be managed, including hardware, software, licenses and warranties.

Data accuracy

The difficulty in maintaining up-to-date data about each asset.

Data security

Devices can be vulnerable to cyber threats such as malware, viruses, and hacking attempts. IT departments need to implement security measures and technology to protect devices and the organisation’s data. Software is one of the key assets managed by ITAM and ensuring that software is up-to-date with the latest security patches is an important aspect of ITAM.


The need to review, maintain and audit licensing agreements, regulations and security policies.

Cultural barriers

Cooperating and collaborating across different departments and teams, including resistance to process change and lack of communication.


This can significantly increase due to the staffing costs required to maintain an ITAM program and the ITAM technology to manage the processes efficiently.

Our approach to help you overcome ITAM Challenges

Our approach to the scoping, design, and configuration of ITAM technology, whether an Asset Lifecycle Management platform or a software application patching toolset, is based on years of experience and a solid approach to aligning ITAM technology to ITAM best practice.

Using CTMS rapid process build workshops with advanced real-time process mapping technology, we will provide you with an IT Asset Management technology optimised for ITAM best practices and the level of process maturity that best fits your business.

ITAM requires team collaboration across an organisation. Using our workshops will help break down any silos between teams and departments and ensure that processes, roles, and responsibilities can be developed and agreed upon in a structured manner.

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Benefits of working with CTMS

  • Our experience will help you implement IT Asset Management technology that covers asset lifecycle management, IT device discovery, software licensing, software security patching, device security and governance
  • Our approach aligns technology to best practices, using CTMS rapid process build workshops and real-time process mapping
  • We optimise ITAM to your business’s process maturity level
  • Our workshops ensure a structured approach to developing an ITAM strategy, including defining roles and responsibilities and helping break down silos between teams

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