Ivanti - Security for SCCM

Improve the Security Capability of Microsoft SCCM using Ivanti Security Plug-Ins for Third Party Patch Management and Application Control.

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Easily patch third-party apps from the SCCM console with no additional infrastructure or training

You may have invested in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to deliver your software and updates to all your workstations, but wish it provided more than basic, manual tools to update your third-party software.

Ivanti Patch for SCCM is a plug-in to SCCM and makes patching significantly easier by automating the process of discovering and deploying third-party app patches through the SCCM console. You can update even the most difficult apps easily, including Java and Google Chrome.

With the Ivanti Patch easy-to-use plug-in interface for SCCM, you employ the same processes and infrastructure already built into SCCM, reducing the number of steps to create application updates.

The solution’s simplified approach to patching third-party applications within SCCM requires no expensive consultants or additional services.

  • Import, manage, synchronise, and deploy all critical patch information using the familiar workflows and features of SCCM.
  • Select and automatically publish patches from a comprehensive catalog of vendors.
  • Customize patches to comply with company policies.

Patch data is downloaded from Ivanti and users can view patch information instantly from within SCCM. You can manually click to deploy patches through SCCM software update packages, or combine Patch for SCCM automation with SCCM automatic deployment rules for full third-party update automation.



Block what you cannot patch - granular, policy-based application control, integrated with SCCM

Use Ivanti Application Control to

  • Prevent Malware & Ransomware
  • Remove administration rights from users
  • Elevate or restrict privileges
  • Enforce licensing / ensure compliance


Protect against Zero-Day exploits

Sometimes you need more than software patching to prevent security incidents, such as protecting yourself against zero-day exploits or not being able to patch due to using legacy systems or infrastructure issues.

For scenarios where you cannot patch, you need an additional security level. In such cases it is essential that users can only run trusted applications and cannot introduce malware which could impact security. Although locking down desktops reduces security risks, it can also significantly reduce the quality of the end user experience, which is where Ivanti Application Control helps.

Prevent unauthorised code execution through trusted ownership

Ivanti Application Control for SCCM prevents unauthorised code execution but without requiring IT to manually manage application whitelists and without creating barriers to user productivity.

Ivanti Application Control uses 'Trusted Ownership' which automatically prevents the execution of any code, even unknown, that a non-trusted user (a typical user account, for example) introduces.

Manage user privileges

Ivanti Application Control allows you to manage user privileges and policy at a granular level, while making it simple to give users just the privileges they need to fulfil their roles.

Reduce endpoint security risk

Ivanti Application Control reduces your endpoint security risks, while adding extra value to Microsoft (SCCM). You can use the tool you know well to help ensure users can’t execute unknown applications in your environment. You can also use System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) to gather Application Control events and auditing details.

With Ivanti Application Control you can enforce application policies "out of the box." Give users access to the applications they need based on role, location, and other criteria. Remove administration rights without users calling the help desk or resorting to shadow IT.


Use Ivanti Xtraction to provide powerful analytics and reporting for Security Metrics with the SCCM Connector.

Xtraction will also provide you with Unified Reporting by accessing data from other IT systems via Ivanti Xtraction connectors to create business value dashboards.