How we use Resolve Systems technology

We use Resolve technology to kickstart IT task automation projects as well as using it as the foundation for building an organisational Centre of Excellence for IT Automation.

Automation of IT tasks for every IT team

We combine our process improvement services with Resolve’s Cloud hosted automation platform to provide a path to business and IT process automation. We use Resolve technology to automate tasks for every IT team.

IT Service Management

  • Onboarding/Offboarding
  • Password Reset & Access Requests
  • General Service & Change Requests

IT Ops Management

  • Onboarding/Offboarding
  • Password Reset & Access Requests
  • General Service & Change Requests


Cloud Operations

  • Provisioning
  • Application Availability
  • Security, Audit & Compliance
  • Data migration


Network Operations Management

  • Observability – network availability
  • Health checks & Troubleshooting
  • Patching & Configuration Updates
  • Restarting Services

Summary of Resolve Systems technology capability

Effortlessly automate your IT use cases with a cloud-hosted platform

Automates your top IT use cases in days

Quickly automate common IT processes with out-of-the-box accelerator packs, 100’s of integrations and no/low code configuration. Create automated processes such as staff on-boarding and off-boarding, system access requests, pre and post change request system checks.

Rapid time to value

  • Easy and fast way to automate your IT processes
  • Have your first automation up and running in days
  • Automate an audit trail for compliance and governance

Benefit from the advantages of using a SaaS Automation Platform

  • No infrastructure installation costs
  • Low total cost of ownership


Empower IT teams to automate day-to-day processes

  • Purpose built intelligent automation for IT
  • Address IT skills shortage with prebuilt components and No Code
  • Drag-and-drop your way to IT Automation without developers
  • Connect to existing IT infrastructure with 100s of pre-built integrations
  • Cloud library of over 5,000 pre-built IT automation components
  • Easily build powerful workflow automation using No Code
  • Scale from simple runbooks to the most complex processes
  • Easily add your own integrations
  • Machine learning-based Recommendation Engine determines which processes to automate


Track business outcomes with clear automation KPIs tracked in real-time

Resolve measures IT automation success with real-time business metrics. The Resolve ROI Dashboard provides organisations with time and cost-saving measurements to champion IT automation and promote an automation-first mentality.

Dashboard analytics promoting the benefits of adopting automation will be visible to management and help drive cultural shifts in organisations to adopt automation to achieve IT operational excellence.

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Benefit to you of engaging with CTMS as a Resolve Systems partner

We can help identify and prioritise suitable IT task automation use cases, develop an agile IT function and provide managed services for automation initiatives and configuration design.

Kick-start your IT task automation projects

We will help you identify and prioritise the use cases in your organisation which are suitable for IT task automation.

You will benefit from working with us through taking a three-step approach to implementing automation technology. Step 1 identifies the automation use cases, step 2 builds the business case and step 3 creates the configuration design for implementing the technology.

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Build an agile & efficient IT function

Partnering with CTMS will help you develop a continual service improvement culture and create an agile and efficient IT function. As part of a technical scoping, design and implementation engagement, we will provide digital process maps that overlay the business workflows with human, system and technical configuration interactions.

Process maps will give you a framework for system testing and user training and a baseline for future workflow and technology configuration improvement.

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Managed service options

We can provide a managed service that cost-effectively kick-starts IT automation initiatives. Our service combines the management of an IT process library with the management of a Cloud hosted automation platform. We will create a digital IT process map library with you which helps identify use cases for IT automation projects.

We will collaboratively work with you to design and configure automated IT task workflows within the Resolve Cloud hosted automation platform.

Partnering with CTMS ensures that you will tightly align automation technology to your business processes.

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