Ivanti® Service Manager


July 9, 2018


International engineering company raises service management to new levels with itsm solution

Headquartered in Manchester, UK, Renold has more than 2,100 employees operating across 25 countries. In April 2017, Renold’s Group Head of IT, Dave Moore, sought to implement a full and future-proofed Service Management platform that could extend digital process improvements to any device, at any time, and across all areas of the business.

Ivanti service management solution implemented by CTMS

“Our supporting partner, CTMS, quickly established themselves as true system management enablers throughout the process. They are experienced, systematic and focused in service management provision. When we required bespoke support to meet our exacting requirements, CTMS delivered each time within budget and deadline.”

Group Head of IT, Renold


  • Global support platform for all service management processes, providing asset management for multiple teams in multiple local time zones and across business departments
  • Better IT processes linking incident and problem management
  • Effective Service Requests for onboarding and exiting employees, including access to enterprise systems like SAP
  • Improved reporting with far greater information that will shortly culminate in SLA implementation
  • Single management platform for IT discovery and asset management, incidents, problems, and change

“We sought a platform that would span and scale…”

Moore reflects: “We seized the opportunity to integrate departments and geographies, positively enforcing digital change through the provision of a structured, ITIL-based, best practice infrastructure that would lead to better service management and problem resolution. We sought a platform that would span and scale while at the same time, expand central control and visibility on all our assets.”

The need for a firm ITSM foundation

Renold already had a basic service management solution across local offices, but global adoption levels varied. User requests would route to eight service responder teams across the globe, defaulting back to the Global IT Team in the UK when incidents remained open. The solution offered users entry into little more than a help desk portal that lacked multi-touch communications, incident management, and request management. Frequently, tickets remained unanswered until the UK IT team came online—although the volume of outstanding tickets was difficult to ascertain accurately as the system lacked any reporting.

What was missing, Moore quickly identified, was an encompassing strategy for IT service management to enable Renold to manage current IT processes well and enable future advances. This would take the form of implementing a truly global support desk that scaled to usage by multiple teams across varying time zones and linked automatically to the company’s asset management solution for easy auditing and usage tracking.

The Solution: Ivanti Service Manager

Renold’s Group IT initiated the search by referencing Gartner’s Magic Quadrant to identify leaders in the ITSM field, further consulting CTMS, Renold’s specialist asset and service management partner of many years, to create a blueprint proposal to meet requirements. CTMS delivered the final blueprint after detailed consultations with Renold analysts, on-site design workshops, and technical webinars that provided needed functionality and process workflows. Next came matching and evaluating shortlisted vendors to requirements.

Already using and impressed with Ivanti’s IT Asset Management tool, Renold wanted to expand its asset management functionality for full-lifecycle monitoring while addressing global support issues. The analysis led to the choice of Ivanti with deployment of the full suite of Ivanti’s IT Service Manager.